At a time of loss, faith often becomes the source of strength that binds families together, offering them divine comfort, hope and peace. Heritage Monuments can help you select from many design options to reflect the faith shared by your family and your loved one.

Our Heritage Monuments' craftsmen can capture, with exquisite detail, the reverence of praying hands, the powerful symbolism of a cross, an open bible, or the stunning image of Christ praying in the garden. Symbols of faith themselves, a large variety of floral adornments are also available to etch or carve into a monument to enhance and provide deeper meaning to a design. Angels can offer a striking and ethereal quality to a memorial and the breathtaking beauty and grace of a sculpted angel watching over your loved one is both comforting and timeless.

Let your loved one's monument forever reflect the true beauty of their religious devotion and bring strength and peace to their family for years to come.