A popular trend in monument design is the incorporation of lifestyle elements to create a very personalized, unique touch to each individual stone. Heritage Monuments will help you create a personalized legacy to highlight, honour and celebrate that special gift, interest or accomplishment your loved one treasured most.

At Heritage Monuments, we can help you select from existing images to be etched or carved into your monument, or use a special photo submitted by family to transform the design into a "portrait in stone" that will endure for generations.

Whether you choose a bas relief carving of a golfer on a putting green, a peaceful etching of loons on a lake, the sculpture of a skateboard or a sentimental image of the family farm, your loved one's monument will tell their story and preserve those priceless memories for today and always. The possibilities are endless.

Let Heritage Monuments help guide you in creating a personalized legacy, a unique and beautiful monument that will forever warm the hearts and souls of family and friends who come to visit, reminisce and remember.